Padre Azul

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  1. Padre Azul Tequila - Silver

    Padre Azul Tequila - Silver

    Only pure agave distillate is used to make premium tequila. It is produced in a carefully chosen distillery following tequila tradition that dates back many years. Padre azul Blanco is bottled straight after distillation. This gives it its clear, transparent colour and its incomparable taste of fresh agave. This young tequila is perfect for mixing high-quality cocktails.
  2. Padre Azul Tequila - Reposado

    Padre Azul Tequila - Reposado

    Reposado is 100 percent made from agave. Made in a carefully chosen distillery in Mexico, it has been matured in oak barrels for at least eight months. This gives it its classic, light yellow colour. The wooden flavours give this premium tequila a particular complexity that unfolds on the palate, especially when enjoyed neat. Reposado tastes slightly of vanilla and it is the perfect drink for an evening with friends that is guaranteed not to give you a sore head.

  3. Padre Azul Tequila - Añejo

    Padre Azul Tequila - Añejo

    The mature tequila variety is stored in oak barrels for at least 18 months. Añejo is golden in colour and captivates with its complex, yet soft flavour. Flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, dried fruit and cinnamon surprise drinkers of this premium tequila. Each sip of this high-quality Añejo, which comes from a specially chosen distillery in Mexico, is an experience and a must for quality conscious drinkers!

    Dia del Padre! Its Father Day!
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    1x750ml Tequila Añejo 
    1x50ml Tequila Reposado for free

  4. Padre Azul Tequila 3-Pack (minis)

    Padre Azul Tequila 3-Pack (minis)

    The ultimate sampler of probably the smoothes tequila on earth


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